The Coolest Road Trips Through The USA

The USA – the country of road tripping! Is there any other country with such famous highways running through infinite, breathtaking landscapes? Definitely not. So let’s go to the United States for your next impressive road trip. Here are the coolest road trips through the USA!

Pacific Coast Highway, California

Pacific Ocean Drive

The Bixby Bridge

The Pacific Ocean Drive (Highway 1) runs from San Francisco to San Diego. It is probably the most impressive highway of the USA. There is so much to see on the way, not only in San Francisco or San Diego. For example, there is the Bixby bridge which was built in the 1930’s. This place is so incredible and the perfect photo stop.

Bixby Bridge

Cambria and San Simeon

The Pacific Ocean Drive has a length of 900km. This distance can be coverd in one day, but it is advisable to plan a few stops on your way. After passing the Bixby Bridge you follow the highway 1 to Cambria or San Simeon. Those beautiful, small towns are very close to the sea and perfect for relaxing.

Santa Barbara

Another stop you should not miss at the pacific ocean drive is Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara is the town where you can experience the Californian way of life at its best. The casual beach flair meets the grandiose Hollywood world. Even Oprah Winfrey owns a house in Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara

Los Angeles

Not far away from that typical vacation spot you can discover Los Angeles. L.A. is one of the largest towns in the USA – so there is much to see! Visit the famous Hollywood, have a look at the Beverly Hills or calm down at Venice Beach. There are so many opportunities in L.A. – way too many to count them all.


San Diego

The last stop of the tour is San Diego. Like almost everywhere at the Pacific Ocean Highway, San Diego is famous for lots of beautiful beaches. Moreover, the inhabitants are proud of the fantastic mexican food you can find here. In addition, try to not spend the whole day at the beach. San Diego has a long and impressive history – a visit in one of the many museums should be on your bucket list!

Finally, the Pacific Ocean Drive is perfect for coast lovers who nevertheless like to have some action in some typical californian towns.

Overseas Highway, Florida

Overseas Highway

The Overseas Highway in Florida is definitely one of the most spectacular highways of the USA. While driving on it, you feel like flying over the ocean. The highway runs from Miami to Key West and connects 40 islands of the Florida Keys. Due to the 42 bridges between the different islands, island hopping is possible without having to board a ferry. For the whole route from Miami to Key West you have to plan a time of three and a half hours. If you like to take a break on your way, stop at Anne’s Beach on Islamorada. Take your time and relax at the natural, sandy beach before you go on.

Anne's Beach

The places along the Overseas Highway are comparatively not that impressive. But the adventure of driving over the ocean is definitely a must-do when road tripping through Florida!

Route 66

Route 66

The coolest road trips through the USA? Ever heard of Route 66? The Route 66 – for sure the most famous highway of the world connects the US east coast with the west coast. The 3.945 km long highway starts in Chicago (Illinois) and ends in Santa Monica / Los Angeles (California). As you can imaginge, there is a lot to discover on the route. Put your sun glasses on, have your camera ready and start your road trip on the „mother road“ of the USA!

St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis

The first destination you should visit on your road trip is St. Louis in Missouri. The town, that lies at the Mississippi, is known for its landmark – the „Gateway Arch“. With a hight of 192m it is also called the „Gateway to the West“. Besides, St. Louis is the biggest town at the route 66 between Chicago and Los Angeles.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City

„I’m a poor, lonesome cowboy and far away from home“ – this quote of the Lucky Luke albums fits to your next destination – Oklahoma City. The state capital is famous for its distinct cowboy culture. So obviously, you should not forget to visit the „Cowboy Hall of Fame“. In addition to that the city is characterised by historical museums and traditional diners.

Amarillo, Texas

Cadillac Ranch

Do you ever wanted to meet a real cowboy? That’s possible in Amarillo – for example at „The Big Texan Steak Ranch & Brewery“. Not only the cowboys who live there are an attraction, but also the huge steaks of this legendary restaurant. Another highlight of Amarillo is the Cadillac Ranch. An art collectiv has burried numerous cadillacs in the sand and visitors are allowed to spray them with grafitty. Certainly you would like to immortalize yourself there too.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

New Mexico

„The Q“, how the town is called by its inhabitants, is characterised by fantastic restaurants, shops and boutiques. Especially the old town with the San Felipe de Neri church from the 18th century is worth a visit. Moreover, „the Q“ is also called the center for music and art.

Holbrook, Arizona

Petrified Forest National Park

Holbrook was built in 1881 and has been the scene of fierce battles ever since. No wonder, that one of the streets was named the „Bucket of Blood Street“. Despite that terrible history, the city has a lot to offer. Some miles away from Holbrook, you can find the painted desert and the Petrified Forest national park. After a long drive, the national park is perfect for a hike to get some movement.

Santa Monica / Los Angeles

End of Route 66

Now you’ve made it! In Santa Monica you will finish your road trip through the route 66. Enjoy a burger and fries at „Pier Burger“ and remember the last days!

Hopefully this article was inspirational. Have fun at one of the coolest road trips through the USA! Do you need some more tips for your next road trip? Have a look at „What to consider on a road trip„.

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